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Tamburai Chirume on Planning

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

“Planning is really important! It either happens in your head or on a piece of paper, but either way, we all have a vision for our business, we all have a vision for our lives, but how do we get there?”

Nwabisa sits down to chat with Tamburai Chirume, the co-founder of ONEOFEACH, an African luxury brand based in Cape Town, about Planning in your life and business.

Tamburai, a second-generation entrepreneur, knows that goal-setting is important when it comes to planning and she offers some advice that will help you achieve your goals.

Her advice for achieving your goals include:

  • You can achieve your goals by breaking them down into smaller ones because big plans can be overwhelming.

  • Find accountability partners to hold you accountable to those goals.

For more advice on setting and achieving your goals, watch the rest of the interview on our YouTube channel.

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