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Charlie Luzuka on Processes

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

“Process really is just the steps and actions that you do to get a desired outcome. Whether it is building a product or service, it’s just what are the key steps or actions that you need to do to get what you’re looking for.”

Charlie Luzuka is a partner at Dazzle Angels, an Angel Investing firm founded to not only increase access to finance for women entrepreneurs, but also to give more women the chance to invest.

Her background as an accountant and consultant has taught her the importance of consistently executing the processes or 'brilliant basics' of your business as they determine both the success and the failure of your company.

During the interview Charlie discusses what funding is available for startups and entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in South Africa. She also stresses the importance of entrepreneurs and startups ensuring that their values align with investors they approach in order to find the right funding options for their businesses.

For more on processes and finances, watch the full interview with Charlie on our YouTube channel.

Listen on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Podcast:

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