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Lindani Mchunu on Ocean Innovation

Lindani Mchunu’s journey with the ocean began when he was a young boy spending time with his grandmother who is a healer and used seawater as part of her practice. His respect for the ocean was fostered when he was a pilot with a bird’s eye view of its vastness. Lindani’s relationship with the ocean was solidified when he became a qualified skipper through the Royal Cape Yacht Club.

Lindani joins our conversation as the Marine Manager at the V&A Waterfront. There, he looks after all of the ship movement in and out of the harbour precinct. He views the V&A Waterfront as a key part of the ocean economy and refers to it as “the centre of the centre of the centre”.

Listen out for Lindani’s description of the ocean economy and how he challenges us to think about what it takes for entrepreneur-led innovation to take place so we can build a sustainable ocean economy. He is enthusiastic about the localisation of the ocean economy and the opportunities localisation presents for entrepreneurs from communities that have up until now not participated in the ocean economy.

Lindani emphasises that there is no innovation without integration and that there is no integration without inclusion. We couldn’t agree more!

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