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Lynton Burger on Ocean Innovation

Entrepreneur-led innovation must be enabled by access to finance in the form of investors. Innovation for a sustainable ocean economy needs impact investors who are passionate about the ocean. Meet Lynton Burger.

Lynton is the Principal at Venture 4th Ocean Ocean Impact Fund - a deal-leading venture capital fund that invests in and supports ocean impact entrepreneurs. Whilst the topic of this episode isn’t focused on finance, it is fascinating to understand why Lynton would be involved in the ocean economy and how he found his way there. He tells us that the purpose of the fund is to pin the hope on entrepreneurs to lead the way in innovating for a sustainable ocean economy. We agree with him that entrepreneurs are driven by passion and a desire to fix what is broken and to provide what is needed. They can do this whilst creating livelihoods and wealth through their businesses.

It is clear that innovating for a sustainable ocean economy is urgent. Lynton reminds us that it is the 11th hour. This conversation provides hope as the Afro-optimist in Lynton encourages us to take action and show the rest of the world that change for the better is possible and it is coming from Africa.

Lynton has written a novel called She Down There and he is a photographer. Have a look at his incredible photos here.

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