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Simone Smit on Ocean Innovation

Simone Smit is no stranger to the Branson Centre’s podcasts (when you are done with this one, watch her break the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals down here).

In the first of our series of stories within our Ocean Innovation Challenge, Simone gives us a glimpse into the trends she has seen around existing innovations in the Ocean Economy. She talks about a Blue Awakening and it is thrilling!

Stay tuned towards the end of this episode and find out what Simone’s wishlist is for innovation for a sustainable ocean economy.

The United Nations Development Programme’s Accelerator Labs South Africa has partnered with the Branson Centre on a voyage of discovery about entrepreneur-led innovations that build a sustainable ocean economy.

What is a sustainable ocean economy? Simone describes it as one that restores and protects the ocean whilst contributing to economic growth, job creation and the wellbeing of people. She tells us that there are no better dreamers than entrepreneurs, and so innovative entrepreneurs (and investors!) have an important role to play in building the equitable and sustainable future that we all want to be a part of.

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