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Lee Talks Problem & Vision on Let’s Get Funded

/ˈvɪʒn/ noun

The ability to think or plan the future with imagination and wisdom.

“It's important to have a why and a reason for what you're doing and something to work towards.” Lee Zuk

Shot at Studio17, Branson Centre
Lee Zuk Talks Problem & Vision on Let’s Get Funded

Everybody is inspired when the meet someone who dreams big and reimagines a brighter future today. The same goes for an investor who is interested in making a contribution to the success of your business. It is important that you, as a founder, are able to show investors that you have a clear understanding of the problem you are trying to solve and that your vision will what guides you along your journey.

Lee Zuk is the COO at JAG Method and a co-founder of Dazzle Angels. She brings her experience as an angel investor into this episode. Lee keeps it very real and her straightforward manner will be sure to help founders looking for finance understand the importance of a well-articulated Problem & Vision in your raise journey.

Here are the questions we asked Lee:

  1. Why do I need to articulate problem and vision?

  2. What is the best way to describe the problem that I’m solving?

  3. What is the difference between solution and vision?

  4. What is the difference between vision and value proposition?

  5. How do I show an investor that my solution is the better solution to invest in?

  6. Is it not too cheeky to talk about how my solution can transform lives?

  7. How do I show an investor that my vision is realistic?

  8. What is an MVP?

  9. Are there any metrics that help me articulate my problem and vision in a pitch with numbers?

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Crafting a Convincing Pitch

The Crucial Role of Problem and Vision in Attracting Early-Stage Investment

Effective storytelling plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of investors. Therefore, it is vital to address the following questions during your pitch and conversations with potential investors. Equally important is to substantiate these aspects through compelling evidence of your problem and vision.

By addressing these key areas and supporting them with compelling evidence, you will significantly enhance your pitch and attract potential investors.

The crucial role of problem and vision in attracting early-stage investment.


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