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Naadiya Talks Market on Let’s Get Funded

/ˈmɑːkɪt/ noun

Where buyers and sellers meet, physically or virtually, to facilitate the exchange or transaction of goods and services.

“When you understand who is going to part with their money to you for your particular product and service, that's when you know your market.” Naadiya Moosajee

Shot at Studio17, Branson Centre
Naadiya Moosajee Talks Market on Let’s Get Funded

Founders are filled with extraordinary ideas and have the most ambitious goals for the growth of their businesses. Investors are curious to find out if you show an understanding of who you know will part with their money to buy from you. The aim of the game isn’t necessarily to dominate industries but to understand who is realistically available to you as a potential customer.

We are thrilled to have Naadiya Moosajee, the co-founder of WomHub, in this episode of Let’s Get Funded. Naadiya is an engineer turned entrepreneur turned investor. She dives right into demystifying buzzwords and making the concept of identifying and describing a market to an investor accessible and easy to understand. This episode also marks the exact midpoint in our 9-part series, Let’s Get Funded.

Here are the questions we asked Naadiya:

  1. How do describe market?

  2. What is TAM?

  3. What are the fundamentals for a market strategy?

  4. How do I show an investor that I understand market?

  5. What are the metrics that I need to have in my pitch about market?

  6. Is it necessary to aim for industry dominance?

  7. What is the role of me understanding regulations in terms of accessing my market?

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About Let’s Get Funded

Branson Centre has partnered with the UK SA Tech Hub, an initiative of the UK Government, to create our on-demand series ‘Let’s Get Funded’, for founders looking to get funded. We connected with South Africa's most experienced and inspiring female finance professionals to discuss investor readiness. Let's Get Funded challenges traditional financial and investment content norms with a conversational 9-part series of on-demand content.

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Crafting a Convincing Pitch

The Crucial Role of Market in Attracting Early-Stage Investment

Effective storytelling plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of investors. Therefore, it is vital to address the following questions during your pitch and conversations with potential investors. Equally important is to substantiate these aspects through compelling evidence within your market.

By addressing these key areas and supporting them with compelling evidence, you will significantly enhance your pitch and attract potential investors.

The crucial role of product in attracting early-stage investment.

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