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Karen Bosman on Ocean Innovation

Did you know that South Africa is the second largest manufacturer and exporter of luxury catamarans in the world? Did you know that 50% of South Africa’s agricultural exports leave by sea from the Western Cape? Did you know that fish is one of the top 20 exports from South Africa to the world? The ocean economy exists in South Africa.

Our latest storyteller is Karen Bosman, Head: Strategy and Advocacy at Wesgro. Wesgro is the tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town. The organisation drives investment into the economy, promotes local exports to the world and markets the Western Cape as a destination.

Karen makes it clear to us that the ocean economy couldn’t be a better example of how an internationalised economy works. Customers and consumers are becoming more demanding and discerning about the buying decisions that they make. Matters of sustainability are now a competitive advantage.

There is so much opportunity for entrepreneur-led innovation when it comes to building towards a sustainable ocean economy because every single business practice is currently pivoting towards enabling a healthy ocean. Our activities in the ocean economy need to drive towards decarbonisation and the promotion of biodiversity. Every entrepreneur has a role to play.

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