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Embedding Your Purpose

Get some useful inspiration for embedding your Purpose.

Now you have articulated your Purpose, it's time to link it to the vision and strategy of your business.

As you think about how to do this, get in contact with the Branson Centre Team, who can work with and support you in your journey.

Beyond articulating your purpose, it is essential to embed your purpose in the mindsets, actions and culture of your organisation. Moving past strategy by advertising to make your purpose lived is often one of the hardest challenges to overcome.

The difficult piece is wiring the business so that contributing to the purpose is felt in every role. It’s about designing the business mechanics – communications, roles, recognition, planning, development, recruitment, leadership and ways of working… it’s about how all the pieces fit together to connect everyday work to your purpose.

To do so, it is important to give people time, space and incentives to contribute to – and act on – the businesses purpose. It is importance to ensure your purpose is embedded in your business structure, personal objectives, KPIs, training and appraisals, as well as people recognition, awards and rewards.

Central to the ability to embed purpose in a business will be the business’s ability to communicate effectively with its people, suppliers, partners, shareholders and customers.

There's an increasing importance of purpose in attracting and retaining the right talent. Make sure you get it right, to surround yourself with best people, aligned to your Purpose.

We will guide you through embedding your purpose into each area of impact, where we will provide the tools to assist you in getting this just perfect.

Meanwhile, for a bit of inspiration, take a look at how different Virgin companies have been embedding their own Purposes into all aspects their businesses.

Outside of the Virgin Group, Unilever have developed a detailed strategy as part of a long term goal to achieve greater sustainability.

The company has identified seven key areas to focus on – including health and hygiene, nutrition and greenhouse gases – in order to ensure the overall goals of improved health and wellbeing, reduced environmental impact and enhanced livelihoods are met.

Each area of focus specifically links back to the objectives, with firm details on exactly what they plan to do, by when. 

Read more about Purpose here:

Have you embedded purpose into your business? Let us know how in the comments.

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