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Velma Corcoran on Community

Communities are at the core of every business, and no one knows this better than

Velma Corcoran.

In this week's episode, Velma Corcoran, the Regional Lead for Middle East Africa at Airbnb, joins Nwabisa Mayema in our studio at Workshop 17.

Airbnb operates an online marketplace for accommodations, homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities, and it is driven by its communities of hosts, guests, and employees.

Because of her time at the company, Velma understands the importance of community. From her, we learn how Airbnb manages and engages with their communities and how they’ve managed to keep their communities going despite the devastation the pandemic has caused to tourism and hospitality globally.

No matter how large or small your communities are, entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Velma about community management and engagement.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

Listen on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Podcast:

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