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Cass Collier on Ocean Innovation

It is not everyday that you get to sit down with a Big Wave World Champion surfer. Cass Collier is a father, professional surfer and surfing coach. His surfing adventures - inspired by his father, Ahmed Collier - have taken him around the world. Cass brings his wisdom into this storyteller series for our Ocean Innovation Challenge.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Cass inadvertently captures the spirit of the Branson Centre’s approach of ensuring entrepreneurs are always part of a red-carpet experience. Cass has recently launched the Cass Collier Surfing Academy & Foundation so that he can prove that underresourced surfers can’t be enabled through handouts. All those with a purpose-led dream and vision must be enabled by meaningful access to resources, tools and opportunities.

This Master Surfer reminds us to do as he does when he’s on the surf: take the lessons for what they are and keep catching the waves.

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