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Ayanda Talks Team on Let’s Get Funded

/tiːm/ verb

Come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

“So be sure that you are selecting a team that understands and is aligned to the company goals, values and purpose.” Ayanda Mzondeki

Shot at Studio17, Branson Centre
Ayanda Mzondeki Talks Team on Let's Get Funded.

Founders cannot build investable companies by themselves; they need to be surrounded by a reliable team that understands the purpose of the company. Investors want to know that their involvement in a company is supported by the presence of a relevant and hardworking team.

Meet Ayanda Mzondeki, the founder and MD of the Liyema Group. Ayanda joins us on Let’s Get Funded to help founders understand the importance of building teams that drive rapidly growing and scaling companies. Ayanda delves into her personal experiences to bring the topic of Team to life.

Watch and/or listen to Ayanda Talks Team and find out which investor Ayanda thinks is the most crucial to growing your company.

Here are the questions that we asked Ayanda:

  1. Why do I need to build a team when building an investable business?

  2. What do I need to do in order to understand what kind of leader I want to be?

  3. When talking to an investor how do we articulate my leadership style?

  4. What kind of team do you need to build when growing an investable business?

  5. Why is it important for an investor to understand my team?

  6. What does an investor need to know about my team?

  7. How can I enable my team to be part of a rapidly growing and scaling business?

  8. What is the role of purpose in enabling my team to build an investable business?

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About Let’s Get Funded

Branson Centre has partnered with the UK SA Tech Hub, an initiative of the UK Government, to create our on-demand series ‘Let’s Get Funded’, for founders looking to get funded. We connected with South Africa's most experienced and inspiring female finance professionals to discuss investor readiness. Let's Get Funded challenges traditional financial and investment content norms with a conversational 9-part series of on-demand content.

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Crafting a Convincing Pitch

The Crucial Role of Team in Attracting Early-Stage Investment

Effective storytelling plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of investors. Therefore, it is vital to address the following questions during your pitch and conversations with potential investors. Equally important is to substantiate these aspects through compelling evidence within your team.

By addressing these key areas and supporting them with compelling evidence, you will significantly enhance your pitch and attract potential investors.

The crucial role of team in attracting early-stage investment.

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