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Ayanda Mzondeki on People

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

"Through the journey of entrepreneurship, I've learnt that tenacity is everything, and It's very difficult to be tenacious in achieving your goals as an entrepreneur if you are not living your purpose. That being said, if an organisation has a clear purpose and the leader of that organisation is aware of what that clear purpose is for that organisation. The people within that organisation will also be as clear in terms of that organisation's purpose and leader's purpose."

Nwabisa speaks with Ayanda Mzondeki, the founder and managing director of Liyema HR Consulting, a global HR consulting firm that serves some of the biggest multinationals in the engineering and management consulting sectors, about People.

At the Branson Centre, we are deliberate about not talking about HR-human as resources- but rather about people, since it's about seeing the people in your business as enablers rather than as a resource or employees. We see people at work and beyond as people.

Ayanda echoes this sentiment and as she puts it, Liyema Consulting's success is due to the people who make it what it is! The company has evolved and innovated despite the challenges it faced, especially in the last year, thanks to her people's commitment, tenacity, passion, and excitement for learning.

Like us, Ayanda is a big believer in showing up in the world with your purpose in the forefront of what you do! And when it comes to embedding your company's purpose in your people, she maintains that you need to live and breathe your company's values and culture daily. By doing this, you can filter the people who enter your business and ensure you hire the right people.

For more on people, watch the full interview with Ayanda on our Youtube channel.

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