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Future of Food

Innovation Challenge

Wouldn't it be cool if we created solutions that developed and scaled regenerative agriculture?

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The decline of traditional agricultural practices and the expansion of unsustainable farming methods have led to significant environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, and a decline in soil health.


To address these pressing issues and restore the natural balance, promoting and scaling regenerative agriculture is crucial.


By recognising the importance of regenerative agriculture and implementing solutions that promote its development and scalability, we can restore soil health, protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change, conserve water resources, and ensure sustainable food production for future generations.

What is the Ocea Innoaton Challenge

Do you have an innovative solution that will impact the Future of Food?

We need solutions to:

  • Agroforestry Systems

  • Sustainable Food Production

  • Water Conservation

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Nutrient Management

  • Agro-biodiversity

  • Organic Waste Management

  • Regenerative Grazing

  • Carbon Farming

  • Microbial Solutions

  • Biochar Vertical Farming

  • Urban Farming

  • Regenerative Farming Apps and Platforms

  • Agri Fintech Solutions

  • Agri-Specific Finance Solutions

  • Harvest Protection & Distribution Solutions

  • Livestock Integration

  • Conservation Tillage

  • Precision Agriculture

Together we can show the power of business to achieve change!
Share your solution. Register now!

Do you have a solution?

Venture Solutions?

The Earthshot Prize.
Protect and Restore Nature

The Branson Centre is an official Nominator for the Earthshot Prize.
Help us discover the next Earthshot for Protect and Restore Nature.

Species all over the world face extinction as their homes are destroyed, but destroying nature threatens our lives too.

Forests and natural land are vital to human health and happiness, helping to prevent global warming and producing oxygen that we breathe. We must act now to protect our future.

We choose to repair and preserve the habitats that our animals need to live, from rainforests and grasslands, to wetlands, lakes and rivers.

Read the Earthshot Prize Roadmap to Regeneration here.

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