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Qhantu Farms

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Zakithi Kweyama

Zakithi Kweyama’s passion for sustainable farming started with her grandmother, and now she farms nine hectares of family land in the Eastern Cape with hopes to purchase more land.

"Qhantu Farmers is building and creating sustainable future farming that will enable and ignite positive changes in farming. Due to climate change, global warming and the rapid increase in the population growth, we farmers need to be able to adapt and evolve to provide for current and future demands. This can become possible with combining both farming and future technology."

Through her experience on the farm, Zakithi has realised that the traditional farming methods are outdated, and through Qhantu Farms, she hopes to encourage farmers to adopt sustainable and organic farming practices.

To do this, Qhantu Farms hopes to offer a leased agripreneurship option providing micro-loans to each agribusiness leasing space on the farms.

Ambitions for the future

Zakithi hopes to continue to challenge the farming industry and inspire a new generation of farmers.

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