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#ZeroWaste conversation with Lorren De Kock

Listen as Lorren De Kock chats to Nwabisa Mayema about the circular economy and how she sees it as a regenerative model.

Lorren is one of our Zero Waste Challenge advisory board members and works in the circular plastics economy programme for WWF. The programme primarily focuses on policy, the business sector, and the consumer to drive the systemic change that is required. Instead of focusing on waste management, their focus is on what can be done ‘upstream’ in the value chain to prevent waste, and plastic waste specifically. This is what will drive long term change.

Lorren gives some great insight into how regulation can spur innovation. A perfect example is the upcoming ban on organic waste to landfill. A perfect example of the opportunities presented by the circular economy and how we can then move towards a circular economy.

What are your ideas and how will you rise to the #ZeroWaste challenge?


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