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#ZeroWaste conversation with Dr Linda Godfrey

Have you ever considered waste as a resource? There was a time when waste was simply discarded, and never considered again.

As our awareness and conscience has grown, our thinking has shifted and the opportunity presented by waste has grown, especially for impact entrepreneurs. In this podcast, Nwabisa Mayema chats to Dr Linda Godfrey, Principal Scientist at the CSIR, and the manager for South Africa’s Waste Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap Implementation.

Take a listen as Prof. Godfrey shares fascinating insights about waste as a resource; that ‘circular economy’ is not a synonym for recycling but it is about sustainable resource management; and the sharing economy and how changing our thinking about the right to ownership can be a springboard for disruptive thinking.

We would love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. Let’s have a #ZeroWaste conversation.


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