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Meet Pride Maunatlala, our newest board member.

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The Branson Centre recently welcomed Pride Maunatlala to its Board of Directors.

In addition to serving as the Branson Centre's Purpose Coach, Pride now brings over 19 years of experience connecting brands with purpose and profit to our Board of Directors.

Pride has held notable roles at Brand South Africa, Mondelez, STANLIB, Nedbank and TFG (The Foschini Group).

She guides entrepreneurs on creating brands and business models that have a positive impact on the earth and on communities. With her in-depth experience of corporates and entrepreneurship, she is continuously looking at ways to unlock opportunities for innovation through repurposing what we already have. In her recent Tedx Talk she takes a look at how corporates can stay ahead by reimagining their role as accelerators for entrepreneurs.

As a champion for women in professional and entrepreneurial spaces, she serves a Director at SheSays Cape Town, the only global network for women in advertising and other creative industries. She is also an alumna at the Zanele Mbeki Fellowship for Female Leadership in Africa.

Pride holds an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business and her academic research is published in the Journal of Brand Management.

Thank you, Pride, for your commitment to the board, and we look forward to our journey together as we endeavour to change business for good.


Pride's Purpose

“My purpose is to enlighten and illuminate other people’s purpose within them. My superpower is clarity, I create clarity in the spaces that I'm in, and so my purpose is to bring that clarity to others to see what their purpose is.”


Pride on Purpose

Nwabisa sits down with Pride to chat about what Purpose means to her. Over the years, Pride has developed a very clear idea of what her purpose is.


Pride on Brand

As the owner of ar.che.ty.pal, a personal branding consultancy, Pride Maunatlala lives and breathes, creates and curates brands. In this podcast episode, Pride talks brand, why it’s important and how to embed your brand with purpose.

According to Pride, embedding your brand with purpose has perks! Not only will it drive innovation, but it will also drive profits by attracting the right advocates and customers to your business.

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