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Future of Waste

Innovation Challenge

Wouldn't it be cool if we built circular solutions extending the life of goods and eliminated single-use goods?

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The world is facing a significant challenge posed by the widespread use of single-use goods, which leads to an alarming accumulation of waste.

The linear economy model, where products are produced, used once, and discarded, is contributing to environmental degradation and resource depletion.

Urgent action is needed to transition to a circular economy that focuses on extending the lifespan of goods and promoting reuse.


By addressing the root causes of waste generation and adopting sustainable practices, we can build a waste-free world, minimize resource consumption, and mitigate the detrimental effects of single-use items on our planet.

What is the Ocea Innoaton Challenge

Do you have an innovative solution that will impact the Future of Waste?

We need solutions to:

  • Reduce and rethink waste generation

  • Enable and embrace circular economy models

  • Promote product and material reuse in all forms.

  • Investing in recycling infrastructure and innovation systems.

  • Educating and raising awareness for behavioural change

  • Sustainable business practices and resource use.

  • Favourable policy and collaboration support to build a waste-free world.

  • Support repair and refurbishment

  • Implement deposit and return systems

  • Redesign products for durability and reuse.

  • Rent-to-use solutions

Together we can show the power of business to achieve change!
Share your solution. Register now!

Do you have a solution?

The Earthshot Prize.
Build a Waste-Free World

The Branson Centre is an official Nominator for the Earthshot Prize.
Help us discover the next Earthshot for Build a Waste-Free World.

The world we have built is not like this; we throw everything away, and this is harming our planet. But we have the power to build something better.


We choose to eliminate food waste, single-use packaging, and inspire a new generation of people, companies, and industries to reuse, repurpose, and recycle.


We choose to build a system that can work forever, where people everywhere can live safe, healthy and happy lives, without waste.

Read the Earthshot Prize Roadmap to Regeneration here.

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