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Future of Mobility

Innovation Challenge

Wouldn't it be cool if we transitioned to clean personal transportation worldwide so that everyone can breathe clean, healthy air?

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Rapid urban population growth presents cities with challenges in achieving clean air and efficient transportation infrastructure.


The automotive industry's reliance on conventional internal combustion engines contributes significantly to air pollution and congestion, emphasising the urgency to transition to clean transportation options to mitigate the environmental and health impacts for a better quality of life for citizens.

What is the Ocea Innoaton Challenge

Do you have an innovative solution that will impact the Future of Mobility?

We need solutions to:

  • Electric vehicles (EVs)

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles,

  • Sustainable Mobility Solutions

  • Battery Technology

  • Charging Infrastructure

  • Smart Charging and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology

  • Charging Network Integration with Renewable Energy

  • Shared and Autonomous Electric Mobility

  • Battery Swapping Stations

Together we can show the power of business to achieve change!
Share your solution. Register now!

Do you have a solution?

The Earthshot Prize.
Clean our Air

The Branson Centre is an official Nominator for the Earthshot Prize.
Help us discover the next Earthshot for Clean our Air.

Millions of children all over the world breathe toxic air every day, causing countless deaths that could be prevented.

We refuse to accept this – clean air and healthy lives are within our reach.

We choose to end outdated transport that emits toxic fumes, remove pollution from the air using both technology and nature, and eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, choosing 100% renewable energy for everyone – from big cities to rural villages.

Read the Earthshot Prize Roadmap to Regeneration here.

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