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Future of Maritime

Innovation Challenge

Wouldn't it be cool if we found sustainable fuel solutions to lower emissions for the maritime industry?

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The maritime industry faces a critical problem in finding sustainable fuel solutions that can effectively reduce environmental impact and comply with increasingly stringent emission regulations.


The heavy reliance on traditional fossil fuels poses a significant challenge, as it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and marine pollution.


The industry must overcome obstacles such as the limited availability and infrastructure for alternative fuels, high costs associated with fuel transition and vessel upgrades, technical feasibility and compatibility issues, and the need for extensive research and development.


Addressing these challenges is crucial to achieve decarbonization goals, ensure compliance with regulations, and create a sustainable future for the maritime industry.

What is the Ocea Innoaton Challenge

Do you have an innovative solution that will impact the Future of Maritime?

We need solutions to:

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a cleaner burning fuel.

  • LNG bunkering infrastructure investment and implementation.

  • Methanol as a liquid fuel alternative, further testing, research and viability measurement.

  • Biofuel from various sources with lower emissions.

  • Hydrogen as a zero emission alternative fuel

  • Ammonia is a carbon free fuel produced fron hydrogen and nitrogen

  • Electric and Battery power as a solution for short distance maritime travel and transport.

  • Investment in new infrastructure for alternative fuels

  • Technical feasibility and vessel upgrades

Together we can show the power of business to achieve change!
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Do you have a solution?

The Earthshot Prize.
Revive our Oceans

The Branson Centre is an official Nominator for the Earthshot Prize.
Help us discover the next Earthshot for Revive our Oceans.

Warmer temperatures, pollution and harmful fishing practices are having devastating impacts on the ocean, putting life underwater in jeopardy.

But this decade we can choose to make our ocean healthy. We refuse to accept a world where turtles, dolphins and coral reefs vanish from our seas.

We choose to bring forward a new era where everyone uses the ocean sustainably.

We choose a future where our children can enjoy the ocean for years to come, and where the ocean can continue to sustain and enrich all life on Earth.

Read the Earthshot Prize Roadmap to Regeneration here.

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