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Cathy Mahloana

You and Yours is one of Africa's first customised skincare line and responds directly to consumers' interest in personalised, customisable beauty products.

"We enable conscious consumers to purchase their customised organic skincare products online. By understanding our customers needs through a short digital quiz and formulating their individual products using natural and organic ingredients. We are answering the call for more sustainable and personalised beauty products."

You&Yours enable uniqueness!
"Embodying uniqueness and individual values so that customers can celebrate their identity."

Knowing that personalised skincare is very limited in the South African market and that limited beauty brands currently offer the ability to customise and personalise products, Cathy Mahloana saw an opportunity. And with the help of a skin expert and a beauty retailer, she founded You and Yours using her experience building digital products.

There are currently 36 different body butter formulas available on the website to choose from, depending on your skin type.

Cathy is currently working on boosting brand awareness and expanding the product line by personalising more everyday products.

Ambitions for the future

Cathy's dream is to make You and Yours a household name and work full-time for the business.

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