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Nqobile Msibi

WeSit joins the ranks of other gig economy businesses by offering on-demand babysitting services across South Africa.

"WeSit is an on demand, online platform that quickly connects parents with trusted, vetted baby sitters near them."

"Connecting trustworthy people so that they can all have greater peace of mind."

You can book a sitter on the platform at any time, on short notice, with no minimum booking time, and all the sitters on the platform are vetted and trusted.

WeSit founder Nqobile Msibi was a babysitter herself when she realised the safety risks involved with babysitting for both the parents and the sitters. Most parents and sitters are not thoroughly screened, and a thorough vetting beforehand would make both parties feel safe.

The WeSit platform is built on trust and plans to expand to include training and steady income for all WeSit sitters.

In addition, Nqobile also hopes to play a role in shaping legislation regulating industries such as babysitting so that sitters, parents and children are better protected.

Ambitions for the future

Within the next three years, finding a reliable babysitter will become easier with WeSit's vision to expand into all major cities throughout Africa and Asia.

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