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Tinyiko Mageza on Customer Experience

Have you ever wondered if you could change the question “what am I selling?” to “how can I make your life better?”? Give a listen to our latest podcast with V&A Waterfront Marketing Executive, Tinyiko Mageza.

Tinyiko is a purpose-led marketer who consistently asks herself the question “am I adding value?”. This makes her a red hot and relevant guest to talk about Customer Experience. Whilst listening to Tinyiko, be sure to hear her thoughts on how Customer Experience intersects with Purpose, and is driven by People (purpose-led teams).

Tinyiko oversees the marketing for Africa’s most visited destination - a destination that is much more than “a mall and a Ferris wheel”! She describes the V&A Waterfront as a place of possibilities and opportunity. This “born and bred Jo’burg girl” will inspire you to get into the business of experience.

Through our conversation with Tinyiko, we understand the difference between customer service and customer experience. Tinyiko offers practical (and very doable!) advice on how to map out your customer journey and she brings the idea of “moments of truth” into our activities.

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