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Rajiv Daya on Investor Readiness

"What I would be expecting to see is that you have a very very acute or deep understanding of a problem you're looking to solve."

Season 2 of our podcast continues with Rajiv Daya, who sits down with Nwabsia Mayema to talk about investor readiness.

Rajiv started his career in management consulting and investment banking, before moving to Founders Factory Africa, where he now focuses on funding small and medium-sized tech enterprises.

From an investor's perspective, he shares with us what the key indicators are that an entrepreneur or business is ready for investment:

  • A deep understanding of the problem they are trying to solve.

  • Expertise in the industry and sector they operate in.

  • Team members who complement one another.

  • A pitch deck or financial model, for example, that credibly demonstrates they have taken into account all the above.

When it comes to investor readiness, Rajiv is very knowledgeable and he makes investment easy to understand for anyone who's listening.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

Listen on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Podcast:

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