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Orme and Meko

Noko Malatjie

Founder Noko Malatjie’s passion for eyewear design began at school when he struggled with weak eyesight and short-sightedness and didn't have access to prescription glasses.

He realised that his experience was part of a bigger problem, so he founded Orme & Meko, a white-label eyewear manufacturer, distributor, and designer that specialises in African-designed eyewear made for the African face.

Ambitions for the future

He plans to expand his business into luxury luggage with The Future of Luggage.

"To give the world access to a better travel experience.
We created The Future of Luggage to travel with you through a multidimensional expedition of memories. Travel encompasses people from all walks of life and the culture experienced in our voyages connects us to the world. The Future of Luggage is where the journey promises to be aspirational and attainable."

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