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Nthabiseng Makgatho on Marketing

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Nthabiseng says: “Can I Google you? That’s the first question because I think nowadays because we have that platform, if you tell me my business is so and so and how do I verify it as a consumer? I’m going to check Google, and if I can’t pick you up, I don’t know if you’re real, I don’t know if I should be giving you my money.”

Nthabiseng Makgatho is a marketer who has been very deliberate with the brands she has worked for, choosing brands that have a positive impact.

In this podcast, she discusses the evolution of marketing over the last few years, particularly the shift from traditional to digital marketing.

With the rise of digital media, marketing is no longer a one-way conversation - with marketers bombarding consumers and customers with messages. Consumers and customers can now co-create marketing messages with marketers.

Nthabiseng also highlights how digital marketing has made marketing more affordable and accessible to entrepreneurs, who can now access many of the same resources as big corporations, and she encourages entrepreneurs to use these resources.

For more on marketing and digital marketing, watch the full interview with Nthabiseng.

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