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Delivery Ka Speed

Godiragetse Mogajane

Delivery Ka Speed is a fast-food delivery company operating in Hammanskraal, just north of Tshwane.

Godiragetse Mogajane launched the business at the end of July 2021 after he tried to order food via a food delivery service from his grandmother's home in Hammanskraal and found that the service did not operate in the area.

After doing some research, he discovered that most food delivery services don't operate in townships or rural areas because of the lack of mapping.

He saw a gap in the market and started Delivery Ka Speed with a small team taking orders via WhatsApp and delivery drivers from Hammanskraal.

Over 6500 orders have been received since the service launched, and they are now in the process of launching an app.

Godi also hopes Delivery Ka Speed helps set an example for businesses operating in townships and hopes that more businesses will set up shop in townships and provide employment for youth in the area.

Ambitions for the future:

Godi intends to expand Delivery Ka Speed beyond Hammanskraal, focusing on townships and rural areas.

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