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Botlhale Ai

Updated: May 6, 2022

Thapelo Nthite

Botlhale AI is a research and innovation startup that specialises in conversational AI.

As computer systems have become an integral part of our daily lives, natural spoken language has become a desirable form of human-computer interaction. However, many people have been left behind due to the lack of human language technologies in African languages.

Thapelo Nthite and his co-founders believe that language should not be a barrier to accessing digital services but rather an enabler and have designed a suite of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools for African languages.

Using these NLP tools, service providers and developers can take advantage of the commercial potential of human language technologies, and more Africans can access digital solutions.

The team is currently expanding their Natural Language Processing (NLP) suite to support more African languages.

Ambitions for the future

Botlhale AI envisions operating in many countries and supporting 75 languages spoken by 300 million people.

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