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With the help of  Tracy Lynch, the Creative Director of both Clout/SA Design and the Nando’s Design Programme, we sourced the proudly South African patterns you see on your bottle of bubbles.


Clout/SA  Is committed to promoting South African creativity, craftsmanship, cultural heritage, and creative opportunities between designers and makers. And by supporting artists and crafters they help preserve SA’s cultural heritage.

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Agrippa Hlophe

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Agrippa is a graphic designer at TBWA Durban, but in his spare time, he does a lot of illustration and pattern design. His work is inspired by African culture, design trends and patterns.


The inspiration behind his pattern- he wanted to create a flowing pattern that represents continuity. In life, we all go through problems and rough patches, where we’re forced to take difficult curves, where we fall and rise again. But when we rise, we rise with more knowledge, stronger hearts and minds.

Zinhle Sithebe

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Zinhle studied visual communication at The Open Window Institute in Centurion. She’s an illustrator trying to break out of her comfort zone and explore more of the surface design industry. In the next year, she aims to work on a larger scale in surface design – illustrations on clothing or even murals. Right now, she’s working on some collaborations with brands and getting ready to launch some new print work.

The inspiration behind her pattern-Imbadada – Zulu sandals made out of tyres. They’re usually black and white, but she’s naturally a colourful person and so added blue and red. She loves the idea of mixing a traditional cultural aesthetic with a contemporary feel.

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Glorinah Mabaso

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Named after her grandmother’s sister , Pattern &  Furniture designer Glorinah Khutso Mabaso has  taken up the challenge of re-awakening the ancient  tribes on the African continent. She translates  historical knowledge into designs that balance the  tribal and modern style ... A true ‘CITY GIRL with a RURAL HEART’.


Glorinah is a designer with a desire to understand the common thread which connects ancient Africa and the present. Through collaborations with other brands, she extends her love and passion for the variations of African ancient tribes and believes in the preservation of African history and capturing the essence of ancient Africa, through creating modern visual archives.

Agrippa Hlophe
Zinhle Sithebe
Glorinah Mabaso

Primrose Charmz

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Primrose Charmz is a self-taught Surface Designer and Digital Cultural Artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She obtained an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her Contemporary Digital Cultural Artworks are sold as Limited Edition Giclee Prints printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

Primrose’s career as a surface designer was launched after being selected as a Top 10 finalist for the 2018 Nandos Hot Young Designer pattern design competition. In 2020, through her association with the brand and by being exposed to their passion for celebrating Southern African talent and design, Primrose was influenced to start designing cultural patterns and creating digital artworks to visually narrate – and celebrate – aspects of the rich heritage and history of communities and cultural groups based in Africa. Other themes which inspire Primrose’s patterns and digital artworks include Nature and Architecture respectively.

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Primrose Charmz
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