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Join a community of impact entrepreneurs building solutions for reducing, reusing and recycling waste resources.

Why Waste?

Identified as one of five “Wicked Problems” currently being experienced in the world today, plastic waste is ubiquitous in both our natural and social environments.

A result of our current linear economic, production and manufacturing system of take–make–waste. Waste transcends end-of-life plastic and extends into all areas of our lives, including emissions, resource consumption and inefficiencies, and food and chemical waste, to name a few.

The Branson Centre Zero Waste Challenge is aimed at identifying economically viable opportunities within the waste economy that look to disrupt and change the current linear paradigm towards one of zero waste.

Through this challenge, we hope to build a community cluster that supports and drives the transformation required to make an impact.



Areas of focus

Post Consumer Waste

Organic Waste

Builders Waste

Electronic Waste

Effluent Waste

We're looking for solutions...

The Branson Centre is looking to provide a network, support and invest in small micro and medium enterprises that disrupt and change the current linear paradigm towards one of zero waste. Impact entrepreneurs disrupting this space are invited to join our Zero Waste Network.

Reduce Solutions

  • Design Solutions

  • Solutions that eradicate waste at source

  • Local production of biodegradable alternatives.

Reuse Solutions

  • Reverse logistics such as dairy deposit return system or technology solutions.

  • Closed loop programmes.

  • In-store refill.

Recycle Solutions

  • Mechanical solutions

  • Gasification & liquid solutions

  • Collection and sorting solutions

  • Post consumer solutions to hard to recycle materials.

Alternative Demand Solutions

  • New product alternatives or products using waste resources

  • Increased recycled content in existing products.


Join Now

Here are some of the things you will be able to enjoy when you become a member of this community.


Get virtually connected to like-minded impact entrepreneurs across South Africa that are building solutions for Zero Waste.

Meetups & Events

Get access to exclusive events and virtual meetups for inspiration and insight curated for the Zero Waste Community.

Inspiring Content

With our Let's Talk Trash updates you're bound to be inspired by industry best practice and case studies from around the world, with frequent updates the state of waste in South Africa and industry changes.

Business Support

Get business support from ideation to scaling with access to created content and business tools.

Industry Experts

With support from our advisory board of industry professionals and experts, you'll have hands on technical support and advice on industry challenges.

Access to Market

Our network will make key introductions to market opportunities through our corporate partners and investors.

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