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#ZeroWaste conversation with Sally-Anne Kasner

‘In a circular economy there is no waste, there are only materials and flows. Waste entrepreneurs are going to be material managers in the future.’

Sally-Anne Kasner is a director at Circular-Vision and a #ZeroWaste Challenge advisory board member.

Nwabisa chats to Sally-Anne about how we can increase circularity in the system, a fundamental shift from our current linear approach. Their starting point is the question: what is waste? Sally-Anne defines it as man-made concept not found in nature. In nature, it’s a nutrient for new life but man has created monstrous hybrids we can’t do anything with that ultimately become bigger problems.

Recycling shouldn’t be seen as the answer. Sure, it’s a first step but we need to reduce the waste first through resource efficiency to have a positive knock-on effect down the line to ultimately divert waste from landfill.

Circularity addresses how we design our economic system so that we can break our current detrimental linear approach.

We would love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. Let’s have a #ZeroWaste conversation.


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