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#ZeroWaste conversation with Rowan Le Roux

Let’s talk trash with Rowan Le Roux, a Future-Fit Certified Professional, and Nwabisa Nayema!

An avid surfer, Rowan has always been aware of waste in the ocean environment, and it has been top of mind in his extensive career in sustainability.

Take a listen as Rowan and Nwabisa talk about the dirty game of waste and the opportunities it can present.

Most of our waste is a result of large-scale industrial processes, and it includes ‘unknown waste’ such as emissions, seepage and environmental contamination. The opportunity for entrepreneurs is questioning how to stop waste from occurring in the first place. How do you change a process so that it doesn’t generate waste, and then how do you scale it so that it becomes a solution for an industry?

Entrepreneurs are the change agents. They can leapfrog the processes to provide a solution. The ingenuity of new practices will drive a #ZeroWaste economy.

Rowan shares some great examples of local entrepreneurs being the change agents that have moved away from take, make, throw away.

Share your own examples and stories. We would love to keep the #ZeroWaste conversation going.


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