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The Compost Kitchen

Himkaar Singh

The Compost Kitchen collects food waste from households and recycles it into vermicompost, which they give back to their customers.

Since launching in 2018, The Compost Kitchen has been ranked among the world's "Top 300 Best Practices on Sustainability" and has over 230 monthly customers and over 200 ecommerce customers. In addition it has diverted 30 tons of food waste from landfills, prevented 50 tons of CO2 emissions, and returned 2.2 tons of vermicompost to customers.


Himkaar also plans to be the first in Africa to prototype a kitchen composting waste bin that produces organic waste within hours. The first prototype has already been developed by ‘Lomi,’ the most successful Indiegogo campaign in 2021, raising over R90m with over 18 700 backers.

Here's how iCompost works

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