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Nambu Group

Updated: Jan 8

Lowell Scarr

Nambu turns food waste into nutritious feed for chickens, pigs, fish, and pets by feeding organic waste to larvae of the Black Soldier Fly.

"Nambu is building resilience and circularity into the agricultural sector that enables South African feed mills and livestock producers to access affordable, high quality, insect protein for animal feed by offering a distributed, low cost, Black Soldier Fly food waste treatment process."

Nambu is an early-stage insect protein company that turns food waste into high-value insect protein. They do this by feeding food and organic waste to the Black soldier fly larvae. Larvae are raised from hatchlings to harvest, at which point they are harvested from their feed substrate and are prepared for processing and sale. These methods are low-tech and easy to replicate, creating jobs and local solutions for organic waste management.

The Nambu facility in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, expects to recycle 1’440 tons of food waste annually and Lowell plans to expand to East London, Port Alfred, and Gqeberha, with plants in Tzaneen (Mopani District), Mthatha, George, and Kokstad.

"Nambu is an insect protein company that recycles food and other organic waste sources into high value protein and oil for use within the feed sectors with the assistance of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. These voracious eaters turn waste streams that would have otherwise have been sent to landfill into a sustainable and natural feed for the poultry, pork, pet and aquaculture sectors."

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