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Meet our new Strategic Partnerships Director, Nwabisa Mayema.

Meet our new Strategic Partnerships Director, Nwabisa Mayema, a dynamic serial entrepreneur with a big vision for business in South Africa!

Nwabisa Mayema, Strategic Partnerships Director

“Making connections and opening doors is really my happy place!” says Nwabisa Mayema, the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’s new Strategic Partnerships Director. “Going from being a trustee of the centre, to joining the team full time is such an exciting turn of events, I feel like I’ve come home,” she says.

With her new position, Nwabisa continues her lifelong journey to inspire South Africa’s next generation of business leaders, particularly women and young people. “I’m driven by the purpose of using one’s business life to make a positive change in our society. I look at business as a site for change-making, job creation, and for building wealth and a legacy for our country,” she says. “I feel like we have a moral responsibility to continue the nation-building project we started in 1994, there’s so much work to be done, it’s a great opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives”.

This innovative serial entrepreneur, public speaker and consultant has dedicated her career to nurturing business leaders around the globe, from co- founding the social enterprise, nnfinity and the youth-oriented The Collective Genius, to producing for TEDxCapeTown Women and even volunteering for the United Nations.

“I know how important it is to have people who look like you in the room, it’s good for society to have a representative cohort of leaders in business,” she says and she’s ready to use her new position to activate a bold new generation of business leaders.

“I’m proud and energised by being asked to be a custodian of this big, red, hot, ball of energy that is the Branson name,” she says. “With this incredible team, I can’t wait to realise our vision of creating 10 000 jobs in 1000 days, and reaching our potential as the most connected and collaborative accelerator in South Africa. We have some serious goals, and I’m going to have fun achieving them!”

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