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Khepri BioScience

Bandile Dlabantu

Using biotechnology and Black soldier flies (BSF), Khepri Bioscience strives to be the world's leading sustainable animal feed producer and bioconversion research company.

"Khepri Innovations builds and markets mobile waste bioconversion units that use Black Soldier Flies to convert food waste into animal feed protein and fertilisers. Reducing waste management costs for food manufacturers, and using food waste to produce high quality and low cost feed products for farmers."

Khepri Bioscience converts organic and food waste into usable products such as chitin and protein meal by using biotechnology and Black soldier flies (BSF). This eliminates three problems: food waste from our kitchens that ends up in landfills, animal runoff from farms that enters rivers, and overfishing for fish meal.

In the past three years, Khepri Bioscience has diverted over 250 tons of food and organic waste from landfills. It aims to further divert 1200 tons of food waste each year, and to produce 1800 tons of insect meal, replacing soy and fish meal as animal feed.

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