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Food Waste and Commercial Precincts with Petro Myburgh

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

‘’Food waste, in essence, is a resource, it’s something that holds mass and nutritional value, it’s meant for human consumption that then goes to waste.”

Petro Myburgh, is Senior Operations Manager at the V&A Waterfront, one of Africa's largest commercial precincts and Africa’s most visited destination. She oversees the cleaning, waste management and landscaping of the precinct; and also sits on the V&A Waterfront’s sustainability committee.

Petro strongly believes that biodiversity and natural resources need to be conserved for future generations, and the way commercial precincts deal with food waste plays a crucial role in conserving them.

She adds that Commercial precincts are ideally positioned to lead by example in the fight against food waste since landlords have the partnerships and information needed to influence their tenants and the communities in which they operate.

And while it can be overwhelming to get started, with the right partnerships and a little help from friends, she believes you can make a significant impact.

The V&A Waterfront, one of the largest commercial precincts in Africa, has adopted a number of policies and procedures for separating waste, including distributing composting bins to tenants, which has prevented tons of waste from going to landfills.

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