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Food Masters SA

Linda Manyeza

Food Masters SA dehydrates food destined for landfills due to quality, oversupply, or lack of market demand and preserves it to extend its shelf life.

"Food Masters SA is fighting against food waste by dehydrating surplus food and vegetables that do not make it to the market because of shape and size. We give them a longer shelf life and while we celebrate avoiding post harvest losses by saving these beautiful greens, we are also happy that we are going green with our technology. Let us starve the landfills and put food on your tables."

In 2019 Linda purchased her first food dehydrating and preserving equipment. Not only does she intend to expand the variety of products that she offers but also hopes to scale up production in order to cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers who are looking for convenient snacks.

Moreover, she is interested in providing dehydrated food for food parcels and feeding programs since dry food has a longer shelf life, doesn't require refrigeration, and preserves healthy nutrients for a low-cost balanced diet.

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