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Isaac and Indira Tshiteta

BlueAvo helps brands, agencies & in-house marketing teams connect with quality, vetted creatives across Africa to create and deliver content faster.

Photo by: RAEng/RodgerBosch

BlueAvo is a digital platform connecting brands with African creatives for marketing needs and functions as a digital workspace. The platform provides a space that enables recruiters to upload open briefs and creatives to respond to them.

The founders of BlueAvo, Isaac and Indira Tshiteta noticed that many companies had trouble finding reliable and quality African creatives. Not only is finding creative talent difficult, but vetting them can be even more difficult.

Photo by: RAEng/RodgerBosch

With BlueAvo, businesses can now choose from 1000s of vetted creatives across local markets in Africa. They can expect a quick turnaround time between the brief and execution and cost-

effective services to suit their marketing budgets.

BlueAvo also provides a platform for African creatives to access opportunities and enables them to work from anywhere. Entrepreneurs Isaac and Indira have already received feedback from creatives who had no work due to COVID-19 until BlueAvo came along and provided them with opportunities to earn an income.

Photo by: RAEng/RodgerBosch

Ambitions for the future:

BlueAvo wants to ensure that African creatives feel proud of being a part of the platform. The company roadmap includes: allowing creatives to borrow money in advance on tasks; offer production insurance; as well as build Africa’s most extensive stock library. BlueAvo is Africa’s soon to be, “all creative hub.”

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