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BiobiN South Africa

Brian Denis Küsel

BiobiN is an on-site capture, containment, and processing patented system for food and organic waste in an easily accessible vessel.

Invented in Australia in 2000 as a solution to diverting chicken mortalities from landfills, the BiobiN, is now used in countries around the world. BiobiNs are available for different uses and in various sizes and can process up to 7.5 tons of organic and food waste.

The BiobiN system combines organic and food wastes with carbons (wood chips, sawdust, etc.) while forcefully induced air initiates the composting process, and the patented bio filter system turns the waste into compost. No chemicals or microbes are needed, making it the easiest and most cost-effective on-site food and organic waste management system.

"BiobiN is building a business that enables food and organic waste to be recycled into compost to divert from landfill and reduce greenhouse gases by the use of an in-vessel composting system called the BiobiN."

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Thank you Brian Denis Küsel On this fruitful achievement BiobiN solved problems

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