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400 Seats

Priya Patel

Experienced filmmaker Priya Patel founded 400 seats, a production company known for its fresh, young and creative approach.

"400 Seats is building media and content solutions that enable clients looking for high quality content to bridge the gap between what can be and what is by creating authentic relationships that fuel creativity."

400 Seats exists to create authentic relationships that fuel creativity!
"Everybody wants to feel seen and understood, right? We believe our purpose lies in building authentic relationships that fuel creativity and connection.
400 Seats is a media production company focused on telling authentic stories in a creative way through collaborative intervention and building honest relationships. 400 Seats is not just a production company but a collection of creative artisans, ready to help bring your idea to life."

By working in the South African film industry and building strong working relationships with other freelancers, she has become aware of the under-representation of women, people of colour, and LGBTIQA+ in the industry.

With this in mind, her vision is to create a production house that produces world-class content and represents freelancers, enabling individuals from underrepresented groups to gain access to parts of the industry previously closed to them.

Ambitions for the future:

400 seats will be known for quality content and its inclusive environment. Priya also hopes that 400 seats will be widely recognised in South Africa and globally, providing local creatives with an international platform.


The home of 400 Seats.

Cape Town’s new home for creators.

400 Seats is the in-house production company for Studio17, located at Workshop17 Kloof Street in Cape Town. Here 400 Seats offer a full suite of production services. Visit the website to see the services 400 Seats can offer to give your content a creative edge.

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