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Purpose-led solutions to change your business – for good

Changing Business
for Good

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa represents Sir Richard Branson’s core values and personality – to support like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs who are curious, ambitious and prepared to take calculated risks in order to succeed.


As an enterprise supplier-development specialist, the Branson Centre solves supply-chain challenges to ensure the success of emerging and high-potential entrepreneurs. The Branson Centre uses this mechanism to fund its mandate of creating employment in South Africa.

Strategy Development

Understanding and documenting the environment of your enterprise-development business and your desired outcomes provides the roadmap for successful enterprise development programmes. It's essential to have an adequate strategy in order to move forward.

Policy Development 

Policy governs how and why a company engages in enterprise-development programmes. Your policy will become the route on your roadmap, guiding you to your selected direction.

Program Design

Understanding the environment and planning the process is just the first step. Without well-documented implementation plans for your finances and operations, your project may not succeed.

Programme Profiles

There are many different ways to run an enterprise-development programme. Programme profiles ensure our partners (that's you!) can select from a variety of different enterprise-development vehicles.

Program Management

Experienced project managers work to make sure your enterprise-development programme stays the course of your programme plan. This includes liaising with third parties, sourcing and qualifying beneficiaries, and monitoring and reporting.

Enterprise Development Management Services

A development management system helps tracks all our enterprise-development projects. Our system will help you manage every element of your business – from fund management and financial distribution to beneficiary information with details of contributions.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Entrepreneurs need to focus on their core business. Which is why, at the Branson Centre,  we outsource administration and other business functions to free you up so you can continue to pursue your purpose. These functions include:

  • Finance

  • People

  • Legal

  • Sales Effectiveness

  • Brand & Marketing.