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Ignite will help you challenge the rules of “business as usual” to change business for good - for people, planet and profit.


Follow in the footsteps of a pioneer and a game changer who continues to transform entire industries.

Screw it, let's do it!

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Are You Changing

Business for Good?

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We strive to help entrepreneurs leave a legacy-leaving impact on society, the environment and the economy.


We are looking for companies that have impact and employment creation embedded into their very DNA, with a preference for those with an impact across four broad themes: Zero Waste, Create Local, Food Waste Innovation and Tech4Good.

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  • Six months of intense work broken into 8 Areas of Impact

  • Direct mentorship and access to expert opinion, insights and inputs

  • Third-party collaborations on Purpose, Brand Identity and Marketing campaigns

  • Discounts, preferential rates and special offers for accounting, IT, legal and other services

  • Regular progress workshops.

What To Expect

Are You Ready For Ignite?

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  • Are you a South African company?

  • Are you making an impact by design?

  • Are you looking to raise R 2.5m+ in investment?

  • Do you have a proven concept that is already generating revenue with an existing customer base?

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The Ignite Outcome

Purpose-driven, entrepreneurial businesses that are:

Successful well after they leave Ignite

Adept at raising finance

Able to create employment and other economic benefits for South Africa.

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Each entrepreneur completes Ignite with a confident mindset, a powerful set of business tools and a network that ensures you are ready to go to market, to meet investors and - most importantly - to build a sustainable business.

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Our Pledge

When sourcing entrepreneurs to participate in this programme, we specifically focus on those that match our mandate and values to align with the National Demographics of South Africa:


  • 80% Black-owned enterprises

  • 50% Female-owned enterprises

  • 30% Designated Groups (Disabled, Rural or Youth)


We deliberately do not wish to exclude any enterprise by virtue of their geographic location. Therefore, we commit to a broad national focus in our search for the right social enterprises.

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