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Fit For Purpose,
For Every Kind of Fit.

Be Fit for Purpose
by doing just One Thing.

We believe living with purpose begins with a healthy mind, body and soul.

Start your journey, take the self-assessment, and identify and do ONE THING

Be Fit For Purpose

Take the
Self Assessment

Answer the questionnaire honestly and identify your one thing accurately!


To become Fit for Purpose

Identify Just One Thing

Do One Thing

Focus on just one thing for 14 days, making it a life habit.

The process


Intellectual Health    |    Entrepreneurial Health    |    Financial Health

Our MIND is a very important part of our health, and we need it to be Fit for Purpose.

We learn, feel emotions, make choices, and store memories.

Just as we are what we eat, we become what we think.

Intellectual Health

Mean what

you think!

What you think matters! Control what you think. Your mind will believe whatever you tell it.


This power can either soar you to great heights or weigh you down. Keep your mind accountable, as it will eventually determine your reality.


A positive mind is a catalyst to being fit for purpose. 



Physical Activity    |    Nutrition    |    Sleep

Our BODY is an indispensable vehicle for acquiring experiences.

Without it, even the simplest of tasks would be impossible! Our human body and good health are invaluable and the vehicle of being Fit for Purpose.

Physical Activity

Get up move!

Your body is the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.


It can take you places. It can heal you & it can even heal others.


It’s your spaceship in a life-lived Fit for Purpose. Use it or lose it is the play here.  All it asks is to get up and make it move!



Emotional Health    |    Social Health    |    Spiritual Health

Some say your SOUL is what makes you who you are! It is the seat of your memory and your feelings, imagination, convictions, desires, and affections. It's closely aligned with
purpose, and it is as important as mind and body to be Fit for Purpose.

Emotional Health



Resilience is the good stuff enabling you to overcome & grow from your setbacks and adapt to change.


It is what keeps you in the game and brings you back time and time again. 


Remember your purpose, and be confident in your abilities.

Welcome the challenge and embrace change!

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