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Driving purpose-led projects – for people, planet and profit 

Sneaker Shack

“Get that bacteria-free feeling in your sole”

The Sneaker Shack is a local sneaker laundry for active and footwear-conscious people. Supported by Virgin Active South Africa, The Sneaker Shack offers a 24-hour sneaker cleaning service with specialised treatments performed by skilled sneaker technicians to help you kick bacteria to the curb.

The Branson Centre has introduced a partnership between Virgin Active South Africa and The Sneaker Shack, with the first The Sneaker Shack pop-up store opening inside the Virgin Active Claremont health club. Further to this, we are assisting The Sneaker Shack with Business Processes Outsourcing Services that are sponsored by Virgin Active South Africa to help owner Lolo Ndlovu grow his business and create further jobs through its expansion. These Business Processes 

Outsourcing Services include:

•    Sales Effectiveness
•    Mapping and improving the customer experience journey
•    Exploring and securing new partnerships
•    Business mentoring and coaching

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I Love Coffee

A social enterprise that provides employment development and opportunities for previously disadvantage deaf youth.

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Mile 16

I Love Coffee

“Empowering the Deaf to inspire connection”

I LOVE COFFEE envisions a world where the Deaf community is fully integrated into society and the economy. Coffee is their vehicle to improve quality of life for the Deaf. I LOVE COFFEE’s mission is to empower Deaf people with skills and jobs in spaces that radiate inclusion and social acceptance, and reduce the Deaf unemployment rate to zero percent.

And it all starts with a coffee.

As a proudly South African social enterprise, I LOVE COFFEE is committed to educate and employ Deaf youth as baristas, chefs and in other roles in the hospitality industry. On the surface, their “corporate-reinvented” cafés look and operate just like any other.


But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that they
•    Bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and the

•    Inspire confidence in the abilities of the Deaf community,

•    Drive connection, one coffee at a time.


The Branson Centre has committed R3 million business development funding to accelerate I LOVE COFFEE’s growth and create job opportunities for the Deaf. 

We currently assist the company with:
•    Seeking funding for a roastery and central kitchen,
•    Positioning the company to scale, 
•    Expanding the company’s corporate café model,
•    Embedding the company’s purpose, and
•    Focusing on the company’s main impact elements to help

     their business thrive and grow sustainably.

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“Run for cleaner beaches”

Mile Sixteen is a beach run for serious runners. It serves as a fundraising event for Clean C, helping to fund beach clean-ups across South Africa, and takes place on 16 Mile Beach, one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted beach in the country.  

Through a partnership with Clean C, the Branson Centre has initiated Mile Sixteen as a fundraising event to support the organisation’s countrywide beach clean-ups. The first event will take place in November 2020 and the Branson Centre is working towards refining the Mile Sixteen brand identity, communications strategy and event operating model.


“Your friendly neighbourhood kerbside recycling company”

Kerby is the first commercial social enterprise offering kerbside collections of recyclable waste and was established through a partnership between Clean C, a non-profit organisation that runs beach and community clean-ups, and the Branson Centre. By collecting recyclable waste in various neighbourhoods across the Western Cape, the company aims to educate communities on the benefits of recycling while helping to divert waste from landfill.

The Branson Centre works with Clean C to identify opportunities to leverage and scale Clean C’s existing small kerbside collection operations. By separating the existing kerbside collections into a standalone for-profit entity, namely Kerby, the business is able to attracy financial investment to scale and, in turn, create employment opportunities. Through Kerby, the Branson Centre provides another of its projects, OceanCollective, with a partner in the removal, sorting and storage of ocean-collected waste.

Ocean Collected

“From shore to store”

OceanCollective is an ocean-waste-to-valuable-product enabling company with an aim to create value for ocean-collected waste. This is done by facilitating the collection, beneficiation and resale of ocean waste.

The company identifies market opportunities for the use of recycled raw material and invests in these directly. These opportunities include the likes of branded products such as T-shirts, promotional materials such corporate gifts, and functional items such as access cards.

The Branson Centre is the originator and establishing agent of OceanCollective. We hope to pilot the first ocean-waste-to-product initiative in the Western Cape and have already partnered with Virgin Active South Africa to roll out access cards for its health clubs across the country – all made from ocean waste.


“Events for good”

Big Impact Events Co. is an ideation company that aims to create world-class events around purpose-led initiatives. Through its events, the company raises capital to assist in funding solutions-driven projects, organisations and people to solve socio, economic and environmental challenges in South Africa.

Big Impact Events Co. is an initiative spearheaded by the Branson Centre, helping to further our purpose and support projects, organisations and people to change things for good – for people, planet and profit. The company’s first project includes Mile Sixteen, which aims to raise funds for beach and community clean-ups across South Africa.