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Like all Virgin companies, our values are the backbone of the Branson Centre.

Our values keep us and our partners on the right track as we strive to change business for good.

Throughout this year each of you contributed to making the Branson Centre a success by embodying our values. We are thankful for each of you, and we appreciate you being part of our family.

Insatiable Curiosity
BB_Heading_Insatiable Curiosity.png

Richard is always asking “How can we do this better?


We're inspired by his characteristic insatiable curiosity.

Always asking how can we do better, what questions need to be asked and how we can learn more.

Smart Disruption
BB_Heading Smart Disruption.png

Let's make sure we are challenging conventions, always asking if what we are doing could be done differently and better.

Straight Up
Heartfelt Service

We are transparent, honest and ethical.

We're responsible and we take a "what you see is what you get" approach on everything. Making sure we're straightforward and succinct.

BB_Heading Straight Up.png

How do we make the people around us feel heard and valued? Do they know we really care?

We give a damn about people and everything we do should reflect that. We want to feel warm, welcoming, honest and authentic. Allowing our people to shine and our partners to feel cared for.

BB_Heading Heartfelt Service.png
Delightfully Surprising

We're always asking if we've gone the extra mile to make someone smile. Will they remember us and tell their friends?

We hope to be rewarding and memorable, from the smallest unexpected touches to the big bold stunts. It's an outlook we bring to life by means of a warm sense of humour, creating unexpected moments and seeing beyond the predictable.

BB_Heading Delightfully Surprising.png
Red Hot Relevance
BB_Heading Red Hot Relevance.png

Red Hot Relevance is our energy and contemporary edge.

It means that what we create is exciting, bold and culturally progressive.

BB_Heading About the Bubbles.png




12% Alc | 750ml | A1211

Produced from Chardonnay (70%) & Pinot Noir grapes (30%), this well balanced

Méthode Cap Classique is full bodied on the palate with fresh green apple aromas and lively, lingering mousse bubbles.


The grapes were handpicked at 05H30 & 10H30 in the morning at temperatures of

12 º C -15 º C. Whole bunch press. No acid adjustments were made. First fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Slow second fermentation in the bottle under crown cap.

Left on the lees for 12 months. Hand riddled in A-Frame riddling racks. No sugar

added after disgorgement. Zero dosage.

About our bubbles
Clout SA Design Logo.png

With the help of  Tracy Lynch, the Creative Director of both Clout/SA Design and the Nando’s Design Programme, we sourced the proudly South African patterns you see on your bottle of bubbles.


Clout/SA  Is committed to promoting South African creativity, craftsmanship, cultural heritage, and creative opportunities between designers and makers. And by supporting artists and crafters they help preserve SA’s cultural heritage.

More on Clout/SA Design.

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